Ely Air Lines: Select Stories from 10 Years of a Weekly Column – Volumes 1 and 2

By Mike Ely & Linda Street-Ely

Buckle up and fly with Mike and Linda to discover amazing people, interesting places, and the conquest of flight. Since 2007, readers have enjoyed engaging articles weekly in the newspaper column, “Ely Air Lines.” Now you can step aboard to enjoy a collection of stories that explore the vast realm of the flyer’s world. Their two-volume set is available wherever books are sold.

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Linda Street-Ely

Linda is an award-winning, multi-genre author. She holds an airline transport pilot certificate, a commercial seaplane certificate and a tailwheel endorsement. She has air raced all over the U.S., including four times in the historic... read more »

Mike Ely

Mike Ely has logged thousands of hours over more than forty years as a professional pilot. He holds an airline transport pilot certificate with multiple type ratings and a flight instructor certificate. Mike has taught people… read more »

Ely Air Lines – Volumes 1 and 2 – Reviews

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Ely Air Lines: Select Stories from 10 Years of a Weekly Column – Volumes 1 and 2

…We thought a weather disturbance approaching from the south wouldn’t be a factor. We should be past the area long before it crept this far north. The flight was going fine until just short of Midland, Texas, when our vacuum pump failed, affecting flight instruments. Andrews County Airport was just ahead. The charts indicated services there, an FBO and a mechanic. I set up for landing and looked to the south, then at Linda. Our silence spoke that we both knew that weather might now be a factor.

The mechanic on the field said he could install a new vacuum pump, but the hit would be a nerve-wracking two-hour delay.

As he worked on our airplane, the ominous thunderstorm edged closer. The sky fell murky over Midland.

He labored. I paced.

Even from over forty miles away, I could see the dense, dark veil. Hail and heavy rain pelted the southern part of the city. Its shadow moved closer covering more of the horizon, threatening our flight out.

The mechanic worked fast. The dark got darker.

– from “The Great Northwest” Ely Air Lines, Volume 2

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